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Rooster go Shoping

Hi Girls...
What you like go to shoping?
Want shoping at Traditional Market,Mall,or Wherever no problem,but we will any trick for do.
Dont until we appear to be" eyeless" and be sacafrice merchantmen that wish good's behavior.
Smart in Market.
If we will hold something from traditional market,we will smart use logic so that not esay be sacafrice pretender.Dont go to traditional market by herself,dont wear glamor accecory,dont scared for caffer,in good fig small money,take your wallet in secure place,sttt use language that traditional market if you know.
Rooster Sale in Mall
Dont attracted about good that typing sale,if attractive dont forget to overhaul goods condition,benefit in mall we can try goods before buying so dont missed it,research a goods that want to buying so that we not shock after buying.
Not missing at People country
Dont missing to take indentity, learning to afew sentence languange can to be esaying for anyself,dont visit to mall only but also visiting traditional market,dont missed to take map.So dont worry at people country.
Bleesed go Shoping!!! GO

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