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Smoke Become Weak Remember

Hi All...

Ladies and Gentleman,what you a smoker?
What you aware about to consequent? Im sure, you all certain already to know about it.All this time,you all just know that smoking can health damage.But now the reseacher of France said,If more than of a smoker more inferior memory,reasoning,and ability verbal.

Smoking also can fragility influence in time come.Smoke on young age,very related to level slope explanatory statement.If remember power become weak result of smoke,how we can become smart person.If you know about it,why you still for consume cigarette?(kpl/rif)


Kangkam said...

kalo ngrokok jangan yang filter, tapi yang kretek aja

sw4rco said...

menurut artikel lain merokok itu tidaklah berbahaya, gak percaya..?
coba deh cek kesini :