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HOT STUFF!!! cotton attack

Hi girl...
Magazine that right as insiration for searce news about all,appertain to the latest fashion that have in the world.As underling of T-shirt that nice.....cek mix 'n macth !!!

Quirky Express For Fashion rebels
-Story of the quirky girl's that abiding beautifull action with boy-short and top ala nu rave so nice....quirky style with ugg-shoes and indian rins
Cute Stuff Magazine
-So nice with tube-up flower motif that compact with ballon skirt.

Chic Minded Magazine
-Horizontal vs horizontal!!!

Boho Magz
-Boho style come back again!!
-Compact dark colour with neon colour....nice!!!

Shirt and accesories :Endorse(ashen gaby shoes),Illmunate(hoodie stipe jacket),miss quirky(bangles),Neat,Treasure and junk(gladiaotor sandal,upper aghasi head-band,Indian rins,upper ballon rok ashen gaby),Sass Diva(necklace heart gaby),take2nd (high waist skirt malisa)THOPSHOP(suspender organe),Urban jungle(coklat paint)(source:modis)


Doraemoon Stylish

Beijing Auto Show 2008, not only launching new car model that will go into Chinese market and world.Otomotif year's also forward car concept future. From more car that stretch of manufactured of world in Chinese,Nissan launching Pivo 2 concept.

The Car is that rather curious,the figure is very attractive and few titillate.See of the profiles,certain we remember a superior figure comic cerial of Japan,Doraemoon.Nissan claim Doraemoon car,is a car that the most fleksibel of confront pass cross country and solited of parking.Car with electric energy,so esay for inhabit in paralel park.Nissan to plan Doraemoon can aside a way,beside can normal a way.

Wheel of the car have electric mottor as to be active that suplayed of lithium -ion batteray.That be amazing the superior Kabin that similar of Doraemoon head's can rotation until 360 arc.Pivo 2 wish first debut into public market in Tokyo Auto Show October 2008(source:otomotic news)


Phone Interviews: Tips to Get Called Back

Some people think phone interviews are easier than in-person ones. Often, those people are wrong.In person, it's easy to tell if an interviewer is tuning you out if you notice them staring off into space or sending messages on their BlackBerry. On the phone, you (and the interviewer) are missing out on important visual cues. You can't read the interviewer's body language.So, how can a job seeker really dial into an interviewer's demeanor to tell if she's bored, distracted or underwhelmed?

Find a Happy Place
In the absence of sight, hearing becomes sharper. And interviewers can easily hear distraction over the phone.Once you've scheduled a phone interview, locate a calm, quiet place where you can focus. Make sure you're not near a computer, TV or anything that will draw your attention away from the interview. Tell anyone who has access to the space that you are not to be disturbed unless catastrophe strikes.Next, have a pen and paper handy to take notes during your interview. You should also have a copy of your resume so that when the interviewer refers to your experience, you can both literally be on the same page.Finally, consider your attire, particularly if you're interviewing from your home. It's your prerogative to wear sweats, but may we suggest something closer to business attire? You'll feel more professional and, thus, you'll sound more profesional.

Speak Easy
As soon as you answer the phone, you're on!You want to start your phone interview off right. And, because the interviewer can't see you, she's listening even more carefully.
Make a conscious effort to sound upbeat and enthusiastic.
Smile. Interviewers can hear you smile -- and smiling can put you in a better state of mind. (Don't believe it? Try smiling when you're in a bad mood.)
If you feel your confidence wane, stand up. Standing can make your voice sound more powerful.
And always remember to breathe. It will help you stay calm and sound more relaxed.

Sounds of Silence
A phone interview isn't just about speaking. It's about listening.
To listen carefully, try closing your eyes when the interviewer is speaking so you can focus on what is being said.This technique can also help you read the interviewer's mood. Is he interested and enthusiastic, or bored and distracted? Is the interview conversational? Are questions and answers flowing easily?
Listen hard after your responses. Did your response prompt additional questions or make the interviewer hesitate?
If the interviewer seems distracted, use one of the powerful questions you were saving for the "Do you have any questions?" section of the interview. A well-chosen question can re-engage him and put the interview back on track.

Practice Makes Perfect
The best way to prepare for a phone interview: Practice.Have a friend play the role of interviewer on the phone.Provide her with some practice questions to ask. Give her a copy of your resume and have her come up with her own questions too.
Test different techniques while you're talking to her. Close your eyes while listening, stand while talking, smile while speaking. With her feedback, decide what works best.
You should also consider taping the conversation and listening to yourself afterward. You may be very surprised by what you hear. Finally, ask yourself, "Would I hire this person?"
If the answer isn't a resounding "yes," get back on the phone and get better prepared.(By Caroline Levchuck )


Myay,alternate sensory of Human

Myay,working as electronic mobile system,it is can hear,see,also can thinking atmosphere in envirions blessing helping of sensors.

Myay can funtion as alarm mobile system.It can detection way otomatics per glide that suspicion by sensors infrared and direct a way sending file SMS to ur phone.

Myay also funtion to keep baby because complete sensors built in so that is baby crying ,parents can know abaout it.


Idonesian SPA familiar in the world

Yuhuu.....wekeend...wekeend...hmm,for the girl what ur impression about wekeend??now is time for relax,refresing after work during some day.Then what are u doing in wekeend time? shopping,or sit in home only.Hey...hey....SPA lover,u will know about it.

Yeah.....Now cosmetic manufacture's famous in Indonesia receive visited of Internasional Workshop On Women Empowerment Economic Development Promoting Productivity, at Taman Sari Royal Heritage SPA .By visited of Delegasi that idea of Departement Luar Negri ,their can promotion the product and for atacquitaince to worl natural product of Indonesian.

Yeah.....become a pionner herbs striving and cosmetic,extension ala Moeryati Soedibyo prove already familiar in the world. By visited of delegasi,before just as owner house in state own now also can familiar in the world, waow a great!!!

Indonesian SPA now already familiar in Pakistan,Indian also still more state will know about product herb from Indonesian.Hope other strivier's SPA in Indonesian better so that familiar in world too!!!!

yuuu.........display ur yield work to world,forward ur nation with creatif IQ (Indonesian news)


Pomegranate Blackberry Tea

Berry delicious.

Wild and absolutely refreshing, blackberry tea is gently-brewed, whole-leaf, hand-picked, all-natural tea with a hint of natural blackberries and powerful POMx,a potent extract of polyphenol antioxidants made from the same California pomegranates this use to make our 100% POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. Drink a healthy glass today. It’s more than delicious, it’s berry delicious.
More good news. Pomegranate Blackberry Tea:
  • comes in its very own keepsake glass
  • is gently brewed at a low temperature to release exceptional flavor and produce less caffeine than other teas
  • contains antioxidants that help guard your body against free radicals, nasty little molecules that emerging science shows may be linked to disease 2
  • is all natural
  • Hemm...dont forget to indulge!!! besides berry delicious also healthyful.(source: healty benefit)


PINK,si penyala gairah...

Friends...pernah terpikir ga warna merah muda atau pink dalam bahasa inggrisnya adalah simbol kasih sayang.Selain membangkitkan rasa cinta tanpa pamrih,pink juga mampu menenangkan dan menyegarkan jiwa lho...Di Belanda,pink dianggap berasal dari bahsa Perancis yaitu la Rose.Warna ini sering dipakai dalam bahasa Eropa sebagai ungkapan kasih sayang,suasana hati positif dan rasa optimisme,juga sering utk menggambarkan orang yg sedang mabuk kepayang or berhalusinasi. Warna juga pink sering dikaitkan dengan suasana romantis, rileks, feminin, jiwa muda, naif dan tidak berdosa, tetapi juga perasaan labil.

Pink juga bisa utk terapi membangkitkan cinta bahkan menyembuhkan gangguan penyakit,baik fisik maupun psikis.Warna pink mengenal beragam gradasi. Mulai dari merah muda lembut, lila, violet, lembayung, magenta, fuchsia dan ungu, hingga merah jambu yang brutal atau mencolok mata.

Pink adalah warna bermacam jenis bunga dan warna bayi yang baru lahir.Uniknya, warna merah jambu lebih dari seratus tahun yang lalu justru lekat dengan anak laki-laki. Merah jambu didapat dari campuran warna merah dan putih. Merah dianggap sebagai penggambaran ideal pria dewasa, kuat, bertenaga, dan agresif.
Pink juga dibuktikan mempunyai efek yang cukup memuaskan. Sebagai bagian dari program penurunan berat badan, Johns Hopkins Medical di University Baltimore, memberi lingkaran warna yang disebut “permen karet pink” ke pasiennya. Pink diasumsikan memiliki efek menekan nafsu makan dan stres yang memicu keinginan untuk ngemil.
Pink,secara emosi juga dapat menenangkan dan membuat kalem, memberikan perasaan lembut dan hangat, mengurangi perasaan mudah marah dan agresif, mengelilingi kita dengan rasa cinta dan perlindungan. Juga mengatasi kesepian, perasaan murung, terlalu sensitif, dan rapuh. Jika merah berhubungan dengan seksualitas, pink berhubungan dengan cinta tanpa pamrih.
Rileks dg si Pink....pengin tahu dan penasaran utk mencoba suasana rileks bersama si Pink?untuk ketenangan jiwa agar tercapai suasana rileksasi yuk.....
  1. Duduklah sendiri di sebuah ruangan yang sepi.
  2. Amati semua benda yang ada di sekitar Anda selama 2 menit.
  3. Tutup mata perlahan-lahan. Bayangkan semua benda yang Anda lihat tadi berubah warna menjadi pink.
  4. Bayangkan ada warna pink mengalir menutupi lantai, semua perkakas, hingga jendela dan langit-langit ruangan. Akhirnya warna tersebut menyelimuti kaki hingga kepala.
  5. Rasakan warna tersebut menghiasi seluruh tubuh.
  6. Percayalah Anda sudah rileks sekarangmudah kan?buruan mencoba dan dapatkan sensasinya .(source:gaya hidup sehat)


Fur Recycling Polyester

Waow...not only rubbish that to recycling,matter or accesories of polyester also can recycling and bring to new fashion that unic and more expensive.Recycling matter fashion from Tokyo,Japan this all at once can rescue of zone damage.

Primatacie diference no visible of bolero fur cerpelai that have in boutique class world.But matter bolero consistat crop matter polyester that usually for design T-shirt or polo T-shirt.Crosswise recycling polyester with fur this right denote step.
The new step in world fashion this is design opus of designer Japan Chie Imai.Dream Imai's materialized after cooperation with chemical Industrial Teijin.Imai give name to this product is "Ecologi Fur".Although more defect of animal lover as lied of name ecologi,but collection Imai already more interested of Japan citizen.But this unic product bring banderol price that not chiep.price betwen 1,2 million Yen until 8,4 million Yen or Rp106 until Rp 742 million a piece.waow...friend's ur interested about it?


Dr Mahathir ready to be probed fans of Mahathir come here,observe he said ready to be probed. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is prepared to be investigated by a full and formal public inquiry if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were to become the Prime Minister.However, the former premier said he hoped that those who sit on the board of inquiry would be neutral, impartial and probably foreigners.
“He’s (Anwar’s) welcome to do that if he becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia, but if he wins members of the ruling party to his side it is the present leader who should be blamed because he can’t even get the loyalty of his own members,” he said during a 30-minute interview on the BBC World News HARDtalk programme with Stephen Sackur.

He was asked to respond to Anwar’s statement that he would call for a full and public inquiry into Dr Mahathir’s misdeeds if Anwar were to become the Prime Minister. Asked whether he was ready to express regret over what he did to Anwar now that he has retired for several years, Dr Mahathir said: “Why should I regret? He was arrested under the laws of the country. He was tried in the courts of the country. Sentenced by court. If he was not wrong, no matter what you think about our judiciary, I don’t think he would have been sent to prison.”On Anwar saying that he would push politics that were not racially defined, Dr Mahathir said that it was opportunism for Anwar, who was now out of the government but never did anything when he was in the government.

Asked about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s conciliatory gesture of offering monetary compensation to judges who were suspended during the 1988 judicial crisis, he said: “Fine, but it’s a political strategy by a man who is very unpopular at the moment wanting to show that he’s going to do something right.”
“Nobody can say anything against him. Newspapers report about how great he is. His own supporters misled him into believing that if he holds elections before the end of his term, he would win a clean sweep. If you look at the record of his statements, he said he would win with zero opposition.”

On claims that his criticisms against Abdullah over the last few years had brought his successor down, he said: “I don’t see why I should not criticise wrongdoings by him.”
On why he picked Abdullah to replace him as Prime Minister, he said Abdullah was known as “Mr Clean”. To a question about some of those with Umno blaming Dr Mahathir for tearing down the party, he said that sometimes it might be necessary to do so.“I’m a doctor; if one leg is becoming gangrenous I remove it,” he said.(by Izatun Shari)


Kartini yang terdampar di Negeri Orang

Tepat tanggal 21 April 2008,hari bersejarah bagi wanita Indonesia.Yah,hari dimana mengenang pejuang wanita tempo dulu R.A Kartini.Berbagai acara pun di pertunjukkan untuk meramaikan hari bersejarah ini.Namun di luar sana masih banyak Kartini-Kartini terdampar di negeri orang.Mereka tidak bisa meramaikan acara bersejarah ini,namun hanya bisa berdoa agar kehidupan meraka jauh lebih baik,yah mereka adalah para penyumbang devisa tidak lain adalah tenaga kerja wanita(TKW)Indonesia.

Sekilas mari kita pikirkan,hasrat para Kartini-Kartini yang ingin beradu nasib di negara Megapolitan setiap tahunnya hampir 7000 kartini yang berjuang.Demi mendapatkan kelayakan ekonomi dalam keluarga mereka.Namun berbagai macam cara yang mereka tidak ketahui menjadikan mereka kalang kabut.Tak ubahnya kejadian baru pun mereka alami di negeri orang.Seperti penganiayan,pemerkosaan oleh majikan,bahkan karena ketidak resmian jalur perginya mereka menjadi PSK di negeri orang,sungguh mengenaskan para Kartini bangsa Kita.Disatu sisi para Kartini ini dianggap sebagai pahlawan devisa negara tapi disisi lain mereka harus menanggung derita bahkan aib dalam keluarganya.

Karena kurangnya pengetahuan mereka tentang perlindungan hukum,ataupun ketentuan yang berlaku di negara orang,menjadikan para Kartini-Kartini ini hanya pasrah mengadu nasibnya.Para Bapak-Bapak yang ada duduk di kursi singgasana tolong perhatikan para Kartini-Kartini mu itu(kata hatiku).Karena ketidak berhasilan suatu negara dalam memimpin negaranya menjadikan para Kartini-Kartini masa kini mencari solusi dalam menanggung hidupnya.Ingatlah negara punya hutang besar kepada para Kartini-Kartini diluar sana,maka perhatikanlah hak mereka agar tidak dilecehkan hak martabat mereka sebagai seorang wanita.

Dengan sketsa dan diskripsi ini seharusnya negara kita lebih bisa berpikir kedepan.Semua apa yang terjadi pada para Kartini-Kartini kita ini adalah bukti dimana negara kita masih kurang bahkan sangat minim untuk menghandle masalah perjuangan hak dan martabat manusia.Kami para Kartini berharap hal semacam ini menjadikan renungan bagi sesiapapun yang membacanya.Selamat hari Kartini,Katini namamu akan selalu mengharumkan negeriku tercinta Indonesia,Jasamu tak kan pernah kulupakan meskipun aku belum pernah bahkan tidak sempat berjumpa denganmu.


Teman setiaku si "Insomnia"

Mentari mulai bersembunyi sesaat,kini waktunya menyambut malam.Tak ubahnya teman baikku pun akan menemani malamku.Teman yang satu ini memang keren di lihat dari namanya tapi sangatlah merugikanku.Aktivitas terganggu karenanya,tapi kenapa aku ga bisa lepas dari dia?padahal dia sangat merugikanku...Dia selalu mengusikku,saat kucoba pejamkan mata pasti dia selalu membangunkanku.kenapa otak ini ga mau break,agar bisa beroperasi dengan normal.Padahal diluar sana sangat banyak orang menikmati malam-malam yang mereka lalui dengan penuh kenyamanan.Kenapa aku cenderung ga suka dengan malam?

Ingin sekali rasanya menikmati malam-malam selayaknya kebanyakan orang,tapi kenapa si dia selalu menghampiri malam-malamku....menyebalkan pikirku.Tapi harus gimana lagi,siang kerja mana bisa tidur bisa-bisa kena hantam diriku huhuhu....terkadang aku hanya melewati malamku hanya dengan beberapa jam saja,itupun masih untung yak.Tapi kebanyakan malam-malam itu di usiknya, dipenuhinya otak ini dengan hayalan-hayalan yang tak tentu ujungnya,hingga pagipun datang lagi.

Kenapa dia selalu menemani malam-malamku yak?kalo berteman sih boleh-boleh aja,tapi jangan terlalu akrab kan ga baik.Teman yang terlalu akrab bisa membahayakan juga loh!!! saking akrabnya ,bila suatu saat terjadi perpecahan juga akan membawa efek yang ga baik juga.So apa yang harus dilakukan biar ga terlalu akrab dengannya?teman-teman punya alternatif?kasih tau yak.

Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) Awards.

SINGAPORE : Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) Awards, a mega event in the Malay music calendar, will be held in Malaysia this year after a five—year hiatus

The regional extravaganza will be beamed to more than 160 million viewers across four countries, marking a milestone for APM, which is currently into its eighth year.
APM is organised by MediaCorp’s Malay radio stations, Ria 89.7FM and Warna 94.2FM.

The event is hailed as the region’s answer to the Grammy Awards as it honours the region’s best performers in the Malay music industry.

This year’s performers include Malaysia’s Siti Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain, Mawi and Faizal Tahir, Indonesia’s Kris Dayanti and Bunga Citra Lestari, and Singapore Idols, Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza.

Astro Ria will be broadcasting the awards "live" in Malaysia and Brunei on April 20. Global TV will also carry the programme "live" in Indonesia, while Suria TV will carry a delayed telecast in Singapore on April 26 at 9pm.

Radio stations Ria 89.7FM, Warna 94.2FM and Malaysian Radio Era will be broadcasting the event "live".CNA /ls


Sejarah Kebaya

Jadi cewek Indonesia memang ga bisa lepas dari yang namanya kebaya.Entah di saat pernikahan,di saat wisuda yang dinanti-nanti,pakaian cantik ini akan selalu menjadi saksi cerita hidup kita.Tapi sama seperti kita kaum cewek,kebaya akan selalu berubah sesuai zaman,lain dulu lain sekarang.

Cah Ayu
Konon,kebaya akan mempermanis penampilan sang pemakai.Tapi sekarang ga harus kita pake kain sarung lagi untuk menjadi ayu.Padukan kebaya brokat see through dengan rok batik plus pamerkan sepatu kerenmu.Tampil cantik di pesta ,tapi tetap fun..

Kebaya nggak bisa fashionable? thing again! Kebaya berbahan encim berbahan katun yang ringan bisa jadi edgy juga,lho! Lilitan celana bugis bak jodhpurs dan aksesoris hippie bikin benda tradisi bangsa ini tampil "seratus persen baru".

Yang Baru,Yang Lama
Kebaya dengan Kutu baru(penutup dibagian kancing) memang sudah dipakai sejak zaman Kartini.Tapi coba deh,lirik kebaya modern dengan modifikasi detail crochet dan lengan pendek yang puffy.Jodohkan dengan celana dan terciptalah formula kebaya "terAnyar".(modis gd-OL)


Fujitsu's WoodShell laptop

Fujitsu Ltd. is a natural to adopt the concept of a notebook PC model, which will be held in Milan, Italy Design Exhibition "-JAPAN DESIGN INNOVATION-2008" exhibition. Will be held on April 16 to 20 (local time) for five days.
JAPAN DESIGN 2008, and the interior design fair, "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" will be held as part of the Design Exhibition. Cars and appliances, information-related equipment, such as Japan's major industries from 15 companies participated.

Fujitsu is a thinning of cedar wood and plastic plants to adopt a prototype notebook PC "WoodShell," about three housing plastics plant rather adopt "FMV-BIBLO NX95Y / D" will be exhibited. Friendly people and the environment "SASUTENABURUDEZAIN" as efforts to sell. [Reported by]


Raw Oil touch 115 dollar US

NEW YORK (AFP) - - Oil prices streaked into new record territory for the second straight day Wednesday, boosted by a decline in US energy reserves and as the weakening dollar drew investments in commodities.

Purchase raw oil for sending Mei later an apportunity pierce numeral 115,07 dollar US per barel.First sesion purchase in New York,that last closed in numeral 114,93 dollar US.This clear denote value new highnest.

New value oil is caused of dropping price dollar US toward Euro,Wednesday ago.Go down continual toward dollar US compel the investor change his money to comodity's as oil for inflation balance and go down value dollar US.
"Why should OPEC try to lower the prices, despite the demands from the United States and Britain?" Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari told an oil conference in Tehran.They can go on demanding what they want,he said.


Benciku dengan Malam

Ya lah..ya lah...pengin tau tentang yg punya blog?it's OK.Yah..inilah aku..yg menilai kan bukan diri sendiri yah...jd binun menggambarkan sosok seorang penulisnya.Hemm senjapun datang mataharipun sejenak berkedip di kawasan Asia.Sayu deru,syahdunya kicauan burung pun mulai menghilang.Kesendirianku tercekam dalam gelapnya malam.Tak hentinya renunganpun bermunculan,berandai2pun berkepanjangan.Terbaringku dlm sunyi,kenapa malam itu berjalan lama.Apa yg akan terjadi di esok hari?tak pernah terlintas dibenakku...apa yg akan terjadi di esok nanti.Sulit utk mengambarkan sesosok diriku sendiri....serasa hati tak bisa memahami,tak bisa bersahabat.
Kesunyianpun kian membelenggu mata pun tak mau kompromi,tekadku bersemangat menyambut mentari pagi pun tak menggairahkan.Inginku hirup udara pagi yg membangkitkan gairahpun sirna...sejenak aku memejamkan mata alarm pun meraung2..uh...menyebalkan...benciku malam ini,kenapa malam tak bersahabat denganku???hingga akupun tak bisa memahaminya....(yg baca pasti bisa menarik kesimpulan syapa gerangan sipenulis :D)


World Peace Gong

A gong with diametres 2 meter of brass wish set in Gondollo town in Hongaria,Uni Europe.Ceremonial lasse world peace gong from Indonesian in front Balai Kota jl.Juanda Bogor(14/4)10.00 WIB a clock time.

Cession a gong perfectedof Precident the World Peace Comunitte,Djuyoto Suntami to goverment that deputy's of ambassador Hongarian Mihaly Illes.That surrender an reception by the burgomaster Diani Budiarto,Djuyoto Suntani,Milahy Illes,Dirgen Formation and Diplomatic Public Bogor.

First to beat this gong is Djuyoto then following Mihaly Illes,Rahmat Budiman,Diani,the ambassador from Kuba George Leon,from Bosnia Dinko TOmac,deputy's from Afsel James Theboase,Muspida of Bogor,figure religious and Public bogor town.

World peace Gong is symbol of peace the idea of ComiteWorld Peace.A organization International Public in Indonesian.This gong as infrastructure and means of confraternity in world.

This Gong also ever to beat by Precident RI-5 Megawati in Bali 31/12/02,00.00 a clock time.Also to beat by Sekjen PBB Koffi Anan in Jenewa, Swis (5/2/03)to open second global on Summit World Peace,that be present from 179 figure world state's.

The gong by of craftsman brass from Muria mountain,central java.In Hongaria this gong wish in set in Gondollo 2 Mei later.Setting a Gong be followed with formally by "twin town' between Gondollo-Bogor.


TKI in Malaysian detach yearning with village

Yearning back to village for TKI in Malaysian this see can treated,because KJRI Sabah build dangdut's show afield Sabah FLorest INdustries,Sipitang,Malaysia
Although just consoled artist local from Tarakan ,Kalimantan. Awhile them can wiggle and forget load of work that squeeze.Song's that esay listen is kucing garong,SMS,ini rindu,siburung camar and other builing them happiness as in village.
The longer the yell,when their give "sawer"to artis.Their have give sawer by rupiah money,although rain them constant spirit.
Just for fun,as like in village said of TKI yesternight.Their also can jokes with head BNP2TKI Jumhur Hidayat that will see being TKI afield.
Jumhur said"i hope u all can keep urself and to obey of law".hemm...but pity's im not in sabah area so cant see that show.


First lauching Astronauts by Korean

We study from advance state,a Soyus Rocket Rusian's is succes to lauching from Kosmodrom Baikonur Kazakhstan,that carry thee person.Their is Kosmonot Sergie Volkov,Oleg Kononenko and Yi-So Yeon(first astronot korean's).

Yi is women 29 years old,she is engineer Nanoteknologi.she will to survey natural during 10 day in outside sky.waoww a great!!!

She shosen as first Astronot in ginseng state after to move aside 3600 competition by competition in 2006 oldtime.Before YI as alternate astronot position of Ko San.Now Yi Already appoitment South Korean as satate to wards 9 that ever sending citizen to outside sky.Citizen state that firstlauching to sky is Pham Tuan from Vietnam(1980),then following citizen from Mongolia,Afganistan,Japan,Indian,Kazakhztan ,China and Malaysian.

She said"i hope certain time between south Korean and nourt Korean can inherent and i hope nourt citizen follow cheer by my aviation".The mission endure from 8 April to 19 April 2008.

Then,when Indonesian lauching citizen state for outside sky? question to anybody?question to ourself.If myself pray the best for my state only,i hope my state better.


Reaces succes with attractive heart Boss

In midle competition and carier persecution so that a way very good to be attractive big boss.But be attractive we not becoming a creep,but converse.Give him for see produkt of work our's.
tip best for it:
1. Followed work ritme the boss
Learning work trick that him like.when exactime for repot delivery ,expose for communication that usually him used.
2. Exposition possion on work
Dream for employment climb not suffiicient.You will simpatic focus for your work only ,not for other aim.
3.Request feedback
Althought him nothing complaint with work our's ,not fault if we request evaluator for him,dont disparage the feedback
4. Filch Science
If ur boss usually detail conscost matery efore meeting u wish followed.So coming about it for climb competantion yourself GOOD LUCK .

Gosip Jalanan by Slank,DPR gushy?

The song "Gosip Jalanan"by Slank group band making DPR gushy.The song that have content about hot critic practict coruption in parlemen.which one have DPR and member degreded.But planing DPR for sue not a away,maybe of course about it relevant and to be true.As observation,this song yes a right for public to see a believed of deputy public,public wish to conscios.
Ought them become to better,can coming best deputy public without gushy caused crtitic from the song.According of myself thing song sending by respectful,maybe to be true wich one of them coruptor them gushy about it.If not law against ,why wish to angry,gushy?attitude that fault....ought them intropection themself before gushy as that so better.All about it,i hope can to be learning for ours so better,can differentiate wich one is true and fault.May ours not esay to gushy :D


Guys...u believe soulmate?

For the girl's,soulmate is obsebtion of love.But what say of the guy?soulmate is to be present,although not always becoming to be paired. a God creating all about in the world perfect balance.Have a left and right,have a good and bad,so somewhere out there, sure have soulmate that becoming life our's to balanced.Have the guys say that soulmate is have in girls film olny,have say soulmate is finish of modification between two person that couple,have say soulmate is nothing true important,have also believe but he said nothing take it for granted and also have that said soulmate identict with dishonest hahaha....and according to u guys r u believe?

Malaysia and Indonesia: Friends or foes?

Sondang Sirait,Jakarta
"Passport." "(Your) flight is at 6 p.m." "Gate number is on the boarding pass."
Those were the three exact sentences seeing me off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The person speaking was the man behind the Malaysia Airlines counter at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. No smile whatsoever, though ironically all around us were banners with pictures of people smiling, promoting "Visit Malaysia". The guy at the check-in counter certainly missed his chance to promote this tourism program, as did the people at the security check and immigration counter. No one bothered saying hi or even goodbye, let alone asking how my Malaysian experience was, despite my carrying a foreign passport out in the open. Well, some immigration officials did smile, but among themselves, while chatting. Forty-five minutes later, waiting for the inter-terminal train, I overheard an elderly man grumbling out loud in Bahasa Indonesia, "Orang Malaysia sombong-sombong." Translation: "Malaysians are arrogant." His son quickly hushed him, afraid someone would hear. One, it is a fact that there are unresolved grudges among Malaysians and Indonesians. Analyst Tricia Yeoh of the Kuala Lumpur-based Centre for Public Policy recognizes this, and says it has yet to be tackled. As much as relations have been mended on the government level, she says the notion has yet to trickle down to the masses.
For Indonesians, the issues boil down to common stories of Malaysia's maltreatment of Indonesian migrant workers, inhumane actions by the volunteer group RELA in their crackdown on illegal immigrants, cultural copyrights and territorial disputes, to name a few things. In fact, in what is seen as a form of silent protest, a Malaysian human rights activist pointed out to me that Jakarta is taking its time to appoint an ambassador in Kuala Lumpur. The person in charge of the embassy there right now is the DCM, third in line.
As for Malaysians, many are agitated by the fact that many Indonesians are among those involved in crimes in their country. Many also openly address Indonesians as "Indons", which is not exactly respectful. This is unfathomable, since many of these are probably among the same people who enjoy Indonesian sinetron and pop songs on Malaysian TV and airwaves.
Meanwhile, on the Indonesian side, more and more university students and highly skilled workers -- not just construction workers, nannies and housekeepers -- make their way to Malaysia each year.
This means, while bilateral relations are becoming more fruitful, tensions still exist, and if not tended, just might turn existing success stories into failure.
When the son quickly hushed his father underlined an aura of apprehension that I felt during my eight-day stay in the country, something that reminds me of Soeharto's regime.
I arrived in Malaysia in early March, just days before the recent election, right in the heat of the campaigning. I soon found out, as did some fellow Indonesian journalists covering the Malaysian election, that unlike in Indonesia, it was not easy to get people there to open up, especially about politics. And when they do, what they say on-screen is starkly different from what they admit off-screen.
For example, a storekeeper in Little India, Rajesh -- as we shall call him -- told me before the election that he was deeply disappointed at the ruling government under Barisan Nasional.
"Time for someone new," he said, while rearranging the pre-paid phone cards on display at his store. But as soon as the camera was turned on, he changed perspective. He said, "Of course I'm going to vote for the government." Later, when the camera was turned off, he whispered apologetically, "Sorry, tak boleh cakap (I must not say so)."
Rajesh wasn't the only one. V. Gayathry of the Kuala Lumpur-based Centre for Independent Journalism blames this on the country's much-dreaded Internal Security Act. "You say something wrong, you get arrested," she says.
When I did finally find people to speak their minds, it was at opposition rallies, and only there and then. Local media were not much help, either. Almost all are related, if not owned, to the ruling parties and their associates. No airtime or newspaper space was ever adorned with critical views of the government.
So it was really refreshing to learn of the election results, in which Malaysians, though few spoke openly, dared to show their dissatisfaction with the ruling coalition. Opposition leaders say this proves that Malaysians want reformasi.
If there needs to be further testament to what the two countries have in common, it is reformasi, though in different stages. One has arrived, the other is on its way.
Meanwhile, our flight took off from Kuala Lumpur and landed in Jakarta. I noticed the elderly man and his son were making their way off the plane. The man had a smile on his face, like he was happy to be home at last.
He smiled at me. I smiled back. (The writer is a producer/presenter with SCTV. This article represents her personal opinions. She can be reached at


'Idol' finalist went from record deal to waitress

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Carly Smithson may have snagged a big-time record deal as a teen, but her co-workers at an Irish pub in San Diego didn't even know the raven-haired, tattooed chanteuse could sing.Dublin-bred Smithson, 24, worked five days a week as a waitress and then as a bartender at the Field for almost three years, up until her stint as a finalist on Fox network's "American Idol.""Carly, one day, told us, 'I can sing.' Then she sang, and she didn't stop. That was New Year's Eve, December 31, 2006," the pub's chef, Thomas Beatty, 31, told The Associated Press.Smithson also co-owns 1-year-old San Diego tattoo shop Nothing Sacred with her tattoo artist-husband, Todd Smithson, whose face is covered in ink art.
"She's very modest, hardworking, polite, nice," Beatty said. "Did we realize she was as good as what she was? No."

After that New Year's Eve performance, Smithson -- born Carly Hennessy -- started singing at the pub every Saturday night, Beatty said.She would work a shift, go home for a couple of hours, then return to belt out everything from U2 to Johnny Cash."I was shocked at the range of her voice," the Irish chef said. "She always sang this one song 'Black Is the Color,' a Scottish song. It would make everyone silent. Everybody would just be in awe of her."As for her 2001 MCA Records debut, "Ultimate High," which flopped, Beatty said the pub's staff never knew about it."She never talked about having a record deal," he said.No longer a major label artist after her record failed, and then rejected from "Idol" auditions in 2005, she continued to sing.Among others, did note that he had no regrets. For Smithson, he said, "it just wasn't the right time." (The Associated Press)

The Claim about SBY out of headship PD,right?

SBY this far still as headship of Partai Demokrat(PD).Nothing have a desire for leaving politic party that him building so that sending him to leader chair in 2004 periode.Interpreter state respect to desire of SBY for leave Partai Karya Pembangunan(pakar pangan).Andi Mallaranggeng said"Him constant as headship of Democrat Party,that issud not true".General elder Pakar Pangan Jackson Andi Kumaat said abaout it,that planing SBY for leaving him party it is common knowledge. In 2008 year that constitute heating memory so make us of other party for interest public heart for hold simpatic in next time.
Before told about somethhing,we will think and see about efect from something that we tell to public.Anyway now already to know that SBY still as headship of him party.SBY more respect to somebody so dont make issud that inharmonic,because this not true.


Tooth ill vs Mandate of State

Hem....tooth ill language that often used for sending word's if wee that exactly irked,felling something that not agree with think.If we broken heart ex; we said tooth ill better then heart sicks :D But in here not kidding, maybe tooth ill of course irkeded for that ever felling it.
Apper not just public that ever fell tooth ill.Last week Precident also tooth ill,u wanna know ,what that said of docter state to President? yeah...take off tooth....waow...series danger...If President already vonis dropping,Precidenst also just to leave.Mandate a President very weight so him more precede important public.Him smart think about future public,Public of course about this news?because we just see him constant spirit for speech and smile without expose ill him.But state Mom and him children give him support for constant spirit for a gainst sick's him.For the sake of public Precident constant friendly smile.I hope him healt fast,so activity a way swit,because mandate state very weight for public.So i remember song of Maggi Z."lebih baik sakit gigi dari pada sakit hati..aku rela..rela...rela..aku relakan...:D

Anwar Ibrahim brisk for back Indonesian Malaysian-Indonesian Harmony

Now comunication Indonesia-Malaysian nothing better.With the big influence in Malaysian-Indonesian,respect public to him leadership,sure Anwar can backing harmony for two stateDirectur Excecutife Centre for Information and Development Studies (CIDES) Syahganda Nainggolan said.

Strain politic from two state ascribable of issud TKW in Malaysian,claim Malaysian to ward Indonesian galery as wel as conflict borderline.So we hope two state can use Melayu's language that interaction comprehensible.

Nothing as now INdonesian person cant understand melayu's language.Where as esay's comunication influence for collaborate economi or culture.Besides of it's ,harmony from two state taking remember from history oldtime.Anwar asknowlegde distantly Indonesian-Malaysian series danger.So wish find best solution,public will respect to used language because more important for future public between Indonesian-Malaysian Nation.

Bush weighs skipping Olympics opening

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The White House left the door open Tuesday to President Bush skipping the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics to protest China's human rights record and its crackdown in Tibet.White House spokeswoman Dana Perino, however, suggested that the president might attend some of the athletic events at the Olympic Games in August if he skipped the opening.The president has said since last year that he plans to attend the Olympics, but he has never been specific about his visit. Bush has stressed he's a sports fan who wants to support U.S. athletes at the games.Asked whether Bush will attend the opening ceremonies, typically a major showcase for the host country, Perino would not be definitive. "We haven't provided any schedules on the president's trip," she said.Pressed on whether Bush's decision to attend the Olympics is "irreversible" or could be affected by developments, Perino hedged.

"Any time the president -- the president can always make a change," she said. "But the president has been clear that this is a sporting event for the athletes and that pressuring China before, during and after the Olympics is the best way for us to try to help people across the board in China, not just Tibetans."
Bush is under heavy pressure from Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to boycott the opening ceremonies as a protest of the Chinese government's handling of Tibet, among other issues, a move endorsed Monday by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.All about Olympic Bush added, "I'm a sports fan. I'm looking forward to the competition. And each Olympic society will make its own decision as to how to deal with the athletes."(From Ed HenryCNN White House Correspondent)


Najib: Reforms to ensure benefits enjoyed by everyone(Malaysian)

PUTRAJAYA: There will be administrative reforms and policy changes by the Barisan Nasional government so that “there shouldn’t be people feeling that the benefits are not trickling down to them,” said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.One of the reforms being looked into was the judiciary, where all aspects of judicial reforms were being discussed and studied to restore and enhance public confidence, he said.“We want to introduce reforms in our administration system to ensure everyone is treated justly and fairly. We should not hurt the feelings of or marginalise anyone.
“One of the characteristics of Malaysians is that they don’t show their anger outwardly.
“Their pent-up anger or api dalam serkam can create an impact during elections,” Najib said at the monthly gathering of the Prime Minister’s Department here yesterday.
He said the Government must listen to the message of the March 8 general election.
“The election results have been accepted with an open heart although it is not the results we hoped for or expected. The people’s voice is sacred in our system of parliamentary democracy.
“We have to listen to the voice of the people with courage and in all honesty and humility,” he said.
Najib said that he and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were determined to bring about reforms for the well being of all Malaysians and the future of the country.
“We are confident that the present Government is the best for the future of this country and we have to show that this is the reality,” he added.He pointed out that the administration must ensure that everyone would benefit from the economic growth.
He added that procedures in the distribution of welfare aid should also be reviewed.“We will also increase and implement people-centric programmes like providing low-cost houses and houses for the hardcore poor in the country,” he said.Najib said unlike the populist management approach taken by the Opposition, the Barisan Government would adopt prudent financial and macro management for the well being of all Malaysians.
Saying that the election results showed slight racial connotations, Najib said if tension were allowed to escalate, it would destroy the nation.(ads by google)

Confront to Situation Crisis Globaly,Goverment not Silent Leave

The economi crisis befall in a state caused situation various;among is oil,foodstuff,and flaming of globaly money(SBY said).Influence economi crisis global befall in all state.But in INdonesian state impac about advace foodstuff value's,oil,about APBN,and new defiance of export and investation that wich market nothing always opened made of Indonesian.Complant public also becoming think .Goverment antisipation for take proactiv trick and do action for confront befall of inflation foodstuff value that now flaming. bidding and request disproportion,so solution that choice is increase product and stabilitation foodsuff value.
About energi,goverment will increace interior country product.Diversification to energi source. Econimical energi also important so that APBN constant sustainable and credible.So as public,what r u doing about it?come on to pray so that country's our back to good.We will suport for goverment so that constant spirit for ameliorate country's.


Government is successfully facing the challenge of developing Sri Lanka

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the government is successfully facing the challenge of developing the country. He said new technology must be utilized in facing this challenge. Participating in the opening ceremony of the Agro-Technical Gardens in Bataatha Hambantota on Monday he said marching ahead with the development drive while preserving the country's social values is a big responsibility.He observed that the challenge of eradication of poverty was a serious one and the Government is taking steps in this direction. President Rajapaksa said in spite of rising world prices of goods the Government has provided tax concessions to essential consumer items. Commenting on terrorism, President Rajapaksa said the Government is doing its best to liberate and restore normalcy in the north and requested the support of all. He remarked that there were attempts by certain quarters to label the Government regarding Human Rights violations by putting the blame of all types of killings including LTTE atrocities and homicides on personal rivalries on the Government. He said these groups are simultaneously trying to whitewash the crimes against humanity committed by the LTTE. (by Sunil Parera)

Intruction of PM Abdullah Badawi to 1,000 Umno

PM Malaysia Abdullah Badawi yesterday give response attitude and action of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, that shocking and simply for individuall business.Him told that him not to bend from him retire,him will answer all about critical about him leadership,firstly corporate about BN(Barisan Nasional) performance.Him told not to bend ritere because imputation toward himself that not certain.If nothing appeared to be true so him constant advocate him leaderhip.


Happy Birthday to Myself

Today....Sunday,April 06, 2008 is my 20 years my old.May good give me a long age,better than yesterday.Hope i can reach my dream,hope healty always and better then yesterday.....i hope my friends healty yach...:D


New Intinerary of Akbar Tanjung

Friends....are you already know about new itinerary Akbar Tanjung for conquer public heart, Now Him open personal situs ( .In this situs opened about exchange politic information,intent,and programs Akbar's.Are you angered about it? this situs diccus about meaning of politic,politic sytem,legitimation(is the meaning public can receipe and acknowledge ,competence , adjudication experienced of a Leadership) also diccus about referendum/latin language ( argument plumbing /voting in meaning Indonesian language) and public adjudication(acknowledge that tie up for public in trick made of public otority).If you becoming to know complate this situs just klik

Thoroes of Death

Now public threatened missing life hold,why not?leadership loss ....the country that we live,have know a few religions,but this country is a sickness country.The situation not gotting better but developing the chaos.We have to stand in a exact dimension free fran an empirical world wich friend to change everytime.We will understand the fenomena if we have an open mind.Come on friend we change image our got better so that we live have meaning.Because now the country exactly sick so public same with thoroes of death,as life but silent.So ourself wish build and restrain ourself, anyway we remerber to God.


Gizi Buruk kian Merebak

Disini yang akan disoroti adalah masalah gizi buruk yang kian meningkat di negara kita.Berbagai aspek penyebab gizi buruk kemungkinan besar disebabkan faktor-faktor dari lingkungan yang kurang efisien di pemerintahan kita.
Yang menjadi akar masalah adalah masalah nasional seperti sekarang ini krisis ekonomi berkepanjangan,krisis politik dan krisisnya sosial akan berdampak pada pengangguran, inflasi, kurang pangan dan kemiskinan.Sehingga akan menimbulkan masalah baru bahkan menjadi masalah pokok dalm kehidupan masyarakat diantaranya kurang pemberdayaan wanita dan keluarga, kurangnya pemanfaatan sumberdaya masyarakat yang mengacu di berbagai aspek dikarenakan kurangnya pendidikan,ketrampilan,serta pengetahuan sehingga menyebabkan hal-hal yang mungkin secara tidak langsung terjadi pada mereka,karena pendidikan yg rendah bisa saja persedian makanpun tidak cukup,karena kurangnya pengetahuan menjadikan pola asuh anak tidak memadai,lingkungan yang kurang bersih serta pelayanan yg kurang memadai juga akan mempengaruhi hal ini.Makanan yang tidak seimbang secara otomatis bisa menimbulkan gizi terancam,bahkan infeksi-infeksi dalam tubuh akan sulit dihindarkan,so hal ini lebih popular dgn nama gizi buruk.Apa yang harus dilakukan untuk menangani hal ini,pemerintahlah yg harus turun tangan demi rakyat banyak.Karena dengan uluran tangan merekalah beban masyarakat bisa terasa ringan.

Waspada Chikunguya

Musim yg tak menentu disaat-saat ini,menganjurkan kepada seluruh kalayak ramai untuk memperhatikan betul-betul keadaan sekitar kita.Akibat banjir,air hujan yang menggenang misalnya akan mudah bersarang nyamuk-nyamuk yang bisa merugikan kesehatan kita.Ditempat-tempat seperti itu akan sangat mudah sekali bersarang nyamuk Aedes Aigypti yang lebih dikenal dg jangkitan Chikungunya.Sebelum apa-apa terjadi pada diri kita sebaiknya kita tetap waspada.Untuk kawasan langganan banjir misalnya,tetaplah waspada karena dewasa ini penyakit ini sudah berkepanjangan terjadi di berbagai daerah dan korban pun tak kunjung mereda,Biasanya tanda-tanda pesakit ini adlah sendi-sendi merasa linu,suhu badan naik,dan juga akan merasa selalu kedinginan,so kalau diantara kita merasakan gejala-gejala tersebut segeralah periksa diri ke pelayanan kesehatan terdekat sebelum berlanjut.Mari saudara-saudaraku kita waspada dengan apa yang akan terjadi dengan melihat apa yang terjadi pada saudara kita yang lain.Dewasa ini memang pemerintah disibukkan hal-hal kenegaraan dengan membelakangkan keadaan rakyatnya,maka mari kita berdoa semoga para pemimpin kita menindak tegaskan masalah lingkungan yang menjadi tempat berteduh kita,dansaudaraku janganlah pesimis untuk menerima ujian dan cobaan ini,karena Tuhan masih sayang sama kita

Merias Wajah ala Aries

Pada dasarnya, Aries punya sifat energik dan haus tantangan(gue bgt hehe..). Mereka yang tidak takut tampil dari orang lain. Make up warna natural seperti beige dan cokelat adalah salah satu warna yang paling cocok untuk mengimbangi Aries yang suka berpetualang.Dasar make up Revlon yang dilengkapi dengan sunblock sangat sesuai dengan kegiatan outdoor perempuan-perempuan Aries. Long Lasting Press Powder dari Revlon juga dapat menjaga penampilan sepanjang hari.Untuk menampilkan kesan segar tambahkan Brush on Buff dari Bodyshop. Selain mempercantik penampilan, bahan dasar alaminya tidak akan merusak kulit. Untuk acara lebih formal, gunakan juga Briliiance Powder Bodyshop yang dapat membuat efek sparkling pada wajah.Mau tampil natural, cukup gunakan Lip Blooms dari Bodyshop. Tapi untuk para Aries yang ingin tampil berani dan berbeda, gunakan lipstik merah terang Superstay Lipcolor dari Maybelline.Happy Birthday to Aries special Happy Birthday to Myself(6April);detikhot-subscribe[at]