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Idonesian SPA familiar in the world

Yuhuu.....wekeend...wekeend...hmm,for the girl what ur impression about wekeend??now is time for relax,refresing after work during some day.Then what are u doing in wekeend time? shopping,or sit in home only.Hey...hey....SPA lover,u will know about it.

Yeah.....Now cosmetic manufacture's famous in Indonesia receive visited of Internasional Workshop On Women Empowerment Economic Development Promoting Productivity, at Taman Sari Royal Heritage SPA .By visited of Delegasi that idea of Departement Luar Negri ,their can promotion the product and for atacquitaince to worl natural product of Indonesian.

Yeah.....become a pionner herbs striving and cosmetic,extension ala Moeryati Soedibyo prove already familiar in the world. By visited of delegasi,before just as owner house in state own now also can familiar in the world, waow a great!!!

Indonesian SPA now already familiar in Pakistan,Indian also still more state will know about product herb from Indonesian.Hope other strivier's SPA in Indonesian better so that familiar in world too!!!!

yuuu.........display ur yield work to world,forward ur nation with creatif IQ (Indonesian news)

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