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Raw Oil touch 115 dollar US

NEW YORK (AFP) - - Oil prices streaked into new record territory for the second straight day Wednesday, boosted by a decline in US energy reserves and as the weakening dollar drew investments in commodities.

Purchase raw oil for sending Mei later an apportunity pierce numeral 115,07 dollar US per barel.First sesion purchase in New York,that last closed in numeral 114,93 dollar US.This clear denote value new highnest.

New value oil is caused of dropping price dollar US toward Euro,Wednesday ago.Go down continual toward dollar US compel the investor change his money to comodity's as oil for inflation balance and go down value dollar US.
"Why should OPEC try to lower the prices, despite the demands from the United States and Britain?" Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari told an oil conference in Tehran.They can go on demanding what they want,he said.

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