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World Peace Gong

A gong with diametres 2 meter of brass wish set in Gondollo town in Hongaria,Uni Europe.Ceremonial lasse world peace gong from Indonesian in front Balai Kota jl.Juanda Bogor(14/4)10.00 WIB a clock time.

Cession a gong perfectedof Precident the World Peace Comunitte,Djuyoto Suntami to goverment that deputy's of ambassador Hongarian Mihaly Illes.That surrender an reception by the burgomaster Diani Budiarto,Djuyoto Suntani,Milahy Illes,Dirgen Formation and Diplomatic Public Bogor.

First to beat this gong is Djuyoto then following Mihaly Illes,Rahmat Budiman,Diani,the ambassador from Kuba George Leon,from Bosnia Dinko TOmac,deputy's from Afsel James Theboase,Muspida of Bogor,figure religious and Public bogor town.

World peace Gong is symbol of peace the idea of ComiteWorld Peace.A organization International Public in Indonesian.This gong as infrastructure and means of confraternity in world.

This Gong also ever to beat by Precident RI-5 Megawati in Bali 31/12/02,00.00 a clock time.Also to beat by Sekjen PBB Koffi Anan in Jenewa, Swis (5/2/03)to open second global on Summit World Peace,that be present from 179 figure world state's.

The gong by of craftsman brass from Muria mountain,central java.In Hongaria this gong wish in set in Gondollo 2 Mei later.Setting a Gong be followed with formally by "twin town' between Gondollo-Bogor.

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