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Anwar Ibrahim brisk for back Indonesian Malaysian-Indonesian Harmony

Now comunication Indonesia-Malaysian nothing better.With the big influence in Malaysian-Indonesian,respect public to him leadership,sure Anwar can backing harmony for two stateDirectur Excecutife Centre for Information and Development Studies (CIDES) Syahganda Nainggolan said.

Strain politic from two state ascribable of issud TKW in Malaysian,claim Malaysian to ward Indonesian galery as wel as conflict borderline.So we hope two state can use Melayu's language that interaction comprehensible.

Nothing as now INdonesian person cant understand melayu's language.Where as esay's comunication influence for collaborate economi or culture.Besides of it's ,harmony from two state taking remember from history oldtime.Anwar asknowlegde distantly Indonesian-Malaysian series danger.So wish find best solution,public will respect to used language because more important for future public between Indonesian-Malaysian Nation.

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