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Najib: Reforms to ensure benefits enjoyed by everyone(Malaysian)

PUTRAJAYA: There will be administrative reforms and policy changes by the Barisan Nasional government so that “there shouldn’t be people feeling that the benefits are not trickling down to them,” said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.One of the reforms being looked into was the judiciary, where all aspects of judicial reforms were being discussed and studied to restore and enhance public confidence, he said.“We want to introduce reforms in our administration system to ensure everyone is treated justly and fairly. We should not hurt the feelings of or marginalise anyone.
“One of the characteristics of Malaysians is that they don’t show their anger outwardly.
“Their pent-up anger or api dalam serkam can create an impact during elections,” Najib said at the monthly gathering of the Prime Minister’s Department here yesterday.
He said the Government must listen to the message of the March 8 general election.
“The election results have been accepted with an open heart although it is not the results we hoped for or expected. The people’s voice is sacred in our system of parliamentary democracy.
“We have to listen to the voice of the people with courage and in all honesty and humility,” he said.
Najib said that he and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were determined to bring about reforms for the well being of all Malaysians and the future of the country.
“We are confident that the present Government is the best for the future of this country and we have to show that this is the reality,” he added.He pointed out that the administration must ensure that everyone would benefit from the economic growth.
He added that procedures in the distribution of welfare aid should also be reviewed.“We will also increase and implement people-centric programmes like providing low-cost houses and houses for the hardcore poor in the country,” he said.Najib said unlike the populist management approach taken by the Opposition, the Barisan Government would adopt prudent financial and macro management for the well being of all Malaysians.
Saying that the election results showed slight racial connotations, Najib said if tension were allowed to escalate, it would destroy the nation.(ads by google)

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