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Confront to Situation Crisis Globaly,Goverment not Silent Leave

The economi crisis befall in a state caused situation various;among is oil,foodstuff,and flaming of globaly money(SBY said).Influence economi crisis global befall in all state.But in INdonesian state impac about advace foodstuff value's,oil,about APBN,and new defiance of export and investation that wich market nothing always opened made of Indonesian.Complant public also becoming think .Goverment antisipation for take proactiv trick and do action for confront befall of inflation foodstuff value that now flaming. bidding and request disproportion,so solution that choice is increase product and stabilitation foodsuff value.
About energi,goverment will increace interior country product.Diversification to energi source. Econimical energi also important so that APBN constant sustainable and credible.So as public,what r u doing about it?come on to pray so that country's our back to good.We will suport for goverment so that constant spirit for ameliorate country's.

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