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First lauching Astronauts by Korean

We study from advance state,a Soyus Rocket Rusian's is succes to lauching from Kosmodrom Baikonur Kazakhstan,that carry thee person.Their is Kosmonot Sergie Volkov,Oleg Kononenko and Yi-So Yeon(first astronot korean's).

Yi is women 29 years old,she is engineer Nanoteknologi.she will to survey natural during 10 day in outside sky.waoww a great!!!

She shosen as first Astronot in ginseng state after to move aside 3600 competition by competition in 2006 oldtime.Before YI as alternate astronot position of Ko San.Now Yi Already appoitment South Korean as satate to wards 9 that ever sending citizen to outside sky.Citizen state that firstlauching to sky is Pham Tuan from Vietnam(1980),then following citizen from Mongolia,Afganistan,Japan,Indian,Kazakhztan ,China and Malaysian.

She said"i hope certain time between south Korean and nourt Korean can inherent and i hope nourt citizen follow cheer by my aviation".The mission endure from 8 April to 19 April 2008.

Then,when Indonesian lauching citizen state for outside sky? question to anybody?question to ourself.If myself pray the best for my state only,i hope my state better.

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