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Gosip Jalanan by Slank,DPR gushy?

The song "Gosip Jalanan"by Slank group band making DPR gushy.The song that have content about hot critic practict coruption in parlemen.which one have DPR and member degreded.But planing DPR for sue not a away,maybe of course about it relevant and to be true.As observation,this song yes a right for public to see a believed of deputy public,public wish to conscios.
Ought them become to better,can coming best deputy public without gushy caused crtitic from the song.According of myself thing song sending by respectful,maybe to be true wich one of them coruptor them gushy about it.If not law against ,why wish to angry,gushy?attitude that fault....ought them intropection themself before gushy as that so better.All about it,i hope can to be learning for ours so better,can differentiate wich one is true and fault.May ours not esay to gushy :D

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