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Fur Recycling Polyester

Waow...not only rubbish that to recycling,matter or accesories of polyester also can recycling and bring to new fashion that unic and more expensive.Recycling matter fashion from Tokyo,Japan this all at once can rescue of zone damage.

Primatacie diference no visible of bolero fur cerpelai that have in boutique class world.But matter bolero consistat crop matter polyester that usually for design T-shirt or polo T-shirt.Crosswise recycling polyester with fur this right denote step.
The new step in world fashion this is design opus of designer Japan Chie Imai.Dream Imai's materialized after cooperation with chemical Industrial Teijin.Imai give name to this product is "Ecologi Fur".Although more defect of animal lover as lied of name ecologi,but collection Imai already more interested of Japan citizen.But this unic product bring banderol price that not chiep.price betwen 1,2 million Yen until 8,4 million Yen or Rp106 until Rp 742 million a piece.waow...friend's ur interested about it?

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