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Tooth ill vs Mandate of State

Hem....tooth ill language that often used for sending word's if wee that exactly irked,felling something that not agree with think.If we broken heart ex; we said tooth ill better then heart sicks :D But in here not kidding, maybe tooth ill of course irkeded for that ever felling it.
Apper not just public that ever fell tooth ill.Last week Precident also tooth ill,u wanna know ,what that said of docter state to President? yeah...take off tooth....waow...series danger...If President already vonis dropping,Precidenst also just to leave.Mandate a President very weight so him more precede important public.Him smart think about future public,Public of course about this news?because we just see him constant spirit for speech and smile without expose ill him.But state Mom and him children give him support for constant spirit for a gainst sick's him.For the sake of public Precident constant friendly smile.I hope him healt fast,so activity a way swit,because mandate state very weight for public.So i remember song of Maggi Z."lebih baik sakit gigi dari pada sakit hati..aku rela..rela...rela..aku relakan...:D

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