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Pomegranate Blackberry Tea

Berry delicious.

Wild and absolutely refreshing, blackberry tea is gently-brewed, whole-leaf, hand-picked, all-natural tea with a hint of natural blackberries and powerful POMx,a potent extract of polyphenol antioxidants made from the same California pomegranates this use to make our 100% POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. Drink a healthy glass today. It’s more than delicious, it’s berry delicious.
More good news. Pomegranate Blackberry Tea:
  • comes in its very own keepsake glass
  • is gently brewed at a low temperature to release exceptional flavor and produce less caffeine than other teas
  • contains antioxidants that help guard your body against free radicals, nasty little molecules that emerging science shows may be linked to disease 2
  • is all natural
  • Hemm...dont forget to indulge!!! besides berry delicious also healthyful.(source: healty benefit)

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