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Doraemoon Stylish

Beijing Auto Show 2008, not only launching new car model that will go into Chinese market and world.Otomotif year's also forward car concept future. From more car that stretch of manufactured of world in Chinese,Nissan launching Pivo 2 concept.

The Car is that rather curious,the figure is very attractive and few titillate.See of the profiles,certain we remember a superior figure comic cerial of Japan,Doraemoon.Nissan claim Doraemoon car,is a car that the most fleksibel of confront pass cross country and solited of parking.Car with electric energy,so esay for inhabit in paralel park.Nissan to plan Doraemoon can aside a way,beside can normal a way.

Wheel of the car have electric mottor as to be active that suplayed of lithium -ion batteray.That be amazing the superior Kabin that similar of Doraemoon head's can rotation until 360 arc.Pivo 2 wish first debut into public market in Tokyo Auto Show October 2008(source:otomotic news)

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