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The Claim about SBY out of headship PD,right?

SBY this far still as headship of Partai Demokrat(PD).Nothing have a desire for leaving politic party that him building so that sending him to leader chair in 2004 periode.Interpreter state respect to desire of SBY for leave Partai Karya Pembangunan(pakar pangan).Andi Mallaranggeng said"Him constant as headship of Democrat Party,that issud not true".General elder Pakar Pangan Jackson Andi Kumaat said abaout it,that planing SBY for leaving him party it is common knowledge. In 2008 year that constitute heating memory so make us of other party for interest public heart for hold simpatic in next time.
Before told about somethhing,we will think and see about efect from something that we tell to public.Anyway now already to know that SBY still as headship of him party.SBY more respect to somebody so dont make issud that inharmonic,because this not true.

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