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Reaces succes with attractive heart Boss

In midle competition and carier persecution so that a way very good to be attractive big boss.But be attractive we not becoming a creep,but converse.Give him for see produkt of work our's.
tip best for it:
1. Followed work ritme the boss
Learning work trick that him like.when exactime for repot delivery ,expose for communication that usually him used.
2. Exposition possion on work
Dream for employment climb not suffiicient.You will simpatic focus for your work only ,not for other aim.
3.Request feedback
Althought him nothing complaint with work our's ,not fault if we request evaluator for him,dont disparage the feedback
4. Filch Science
If ur boss usually detail conscost matery efore meeting u wish followed.So coming about it for climb competantion yourself GOOD LUCK .

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