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Government is successfully facing the challenge of developing Sri Lanka

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the government is successfully facing the challenge of developing the country. He said new technology must be utilized in facing this challenge. Participating in the opening ceremony of the Agro-Technical Gardens in Bataatha Hambantota on Monday he said marching ahead with the development drive while preserving the country's social values is a big responsibility.He observed that the challenge of eradication of poverty was a serious one and the Government is taking steps in this direction. President Rajapaksa said in spite of rising world prices of goods the Government has provided tax concessions to essential consumer items. Commenting on terrorism, President Rajapaksa said the Government is doing its best to liberate and restore normalcy in the north and requested the support of all. He remarked that there were attempts by certain quarters to label the Government regarding Human Rights violations by putting the blame of all types of killings including LTTE atrocities and homicides on personal rivalries on the Government. He said these groups are simultaneously trying to whitewash the crimes against humanity committed by the LTTE. (by Sunil Parera)

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