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New Intinerary of Akbar Tanjung

Friends....are you already know about new itinerary Akbar Tanjung for conquer public heart, Now Him open personal situs ( .In this situs opened about exchange politic information,intent,and programs Akbar's.Are you angered about it? this situs diccus about meaning of politic,politic sytem,legitimation(is the meaning public can receipe and acknowledge ,competence , adjudication experienced of a Leadership) also diccus about referendum/latin language ( argument plumbing /voting in meaning Indonesian language) and public adjudication(acknowledge that tie up for public in trick made of public otority).If you becoming to know complate this situs just klik


aroengbinang said...

wah bagus juga tuh, bisa sharing dan tuker pikiran dengan khalayak ramai, secara si abang ini sudah kenyang makan asin manisnya kehidupan perpolitikan....

Nay said...

yeah...mudah2an bermanfaat yach