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TKI in Malaysian detach yearning with village

Yearning back to village for TKI in Malaysian this see can treated,because KJRI Sabah build dangdut's show afield Sabah FLorest INdustries,Sipitang,Malaysia
Although just consoled artist local from Tarakan ,Kalimantan. Awhile them can wiggle and forget load of work that squeeze.Song's that esay listen is kucing garong,SMS,ini rindu,siburung camar and other builing them happiness as in village.
The longer the yell,when their give "sawer"to artis.Their have give sawer by rupiah money,although rain them constant spirit.
Just for fun,as like in village said of TKI yesternight.Their also can jokes with head BNP2TKI Jumhur Hidayat that will see being TKI afield.
Jumhur said"i hope u all can keep urself and to obey of law".hemm...but pity's im not in sabah area so cant see that show.

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