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Permanent Working or Work Permanent??

Hi All,Happy Sunday....
Work,work and work..Everybody certain desire to need invent fulfilled.But how to contend about it.What you want find fork that permanent working so that can fulfilled your principle commodity or whatever work provided that can deliver money??
So,What your commitment about it? I give you to know OK?
You confused about permanent working or work permanent? Hmm...maybe this word confused for ambiguity.Permanent working is where we begin to activity and have periode we will for end for activity.See chany certain not esay,how if we fault in working we should threatened getting the air we will los a job, oh no....Other with Work permanent is where we begin activity but whatever wish for do about this job.Although the salary not comparable with your education,but always must to be gratefull to God.So what do you think about it? Which one your choice for handle be alive?? Just yourself that know....Hope your choice is the best for you!!!

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