Action Scraf & Ribbon

Hi Girls, happy week end...
What you already try by this one style??
**Bundle Ribbon &Corsage
Wear Ribbon or corsage if go to office just ordinary for the girls.But if bundle the two of them?Should become to accessory that difference mold,wow...Adhere corsage exact at middle part of ribbon(ex:long of ribbon 15cm,corsage orientate 7.5cm of base ribbon)
We can integrade ribbon and corsage with harmony color so that constant simple appear.

**Lovely Scraf
Ribbon and corsage is beautiful accessory as change of scraf.Just to bond type at neck with corsage part at besides or at center neck.This accessory as alternating of choker.
Dont forget to daptability with color office cloting.Choice ear stud that more simple,bracelet,ring or sash also still OK to bundle of them,but will maching with all action!!! Happines to try about it girls...CC

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new_techno said...

waw, apdet bgt! so sweet :D