Animax launching laMB

Hi friends, morning we meet again...
Here, give you all to know a atracctive news about Animax. Yeah....Animax,a TV chanel announce launching new project with title "laMB",a entertainment that to avalaible in three media include TV,Online and Mobile.
laMB is first product of Animax at forman Hight Definition,and wish change experience in entertainment world.
Include a row multy-platform,multy-discipline and multy-media activity that connection around launching anima film at Animax,laMB direction for definitions experience entertaiment overall way."Anime can support for creative and interest, younger need intermezzo for enjoy their imagination and dream future",Gregory said,Vice Precident and General Manager Animax Asian.
laMB project support by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and SPE Networks-Asian joint Production Fund, a way fund USD 6 Million.Astaga!com

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