Decolorize ''Red-Eye" from digital photo with IrfanView

IrfanView is populer free program that's used to step forward file picture that have complated with fasility edit. Although still loss with ability of Photoshop,but this program enough can heplful for commit procces simple edited . wich one of ability that is for attenuate efek red-eye.
If you having picture,that maybe in your eye subjeck patent alight red , as followed way to better:
1. Actuate IrfanView.
2. In File menu,option open and open file that about edited.
3. Scroll bar in right part and base of window IrfanView for detect red eye that will to amendable.
4. Build small box with choose red eye around.
5. In Image menu choose Red eye reduction (or shortcut press Control-Y).
6. Step reedo 3-5 for ability other red eyethat having in picture.
7. After that of File menu choose Save As..., give new name then klik OK.
Notice: inseventh step dont direct choice you can choice save As better then save..., with this step your original file not loss. (cnet/cax)

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