Sun Daze....

Hi Girls...
Yeah, brightness in today make we come up to play in under sun.With BBF,im sure situation so very pure for answer dry season.So girls,,premeditation sundress collection that "cool" and light and lets show some skin!!!

Sun Shower
Sun-bathe wish more exactly if adding sundress that exact.Tube dress for sporty girls and weaflirty skirt for girlie.Want more surprising?? add sneakers for suited your dress.

N.F.F(Nature Friends Forever)
Loving natural with learn to know envirotment in we around. Observe and pet lover so wonderful!!!.Wear batik or textile that collate with nature wish appear cutting edge adding beanie hat or hue sandal,,so sweet!!!

Water Gun in the Sun
Playing color and motif that eksperimental,im sure we appear brave.Splash of color here and there become to our action appear more summerlike. Add elemen sporty like as hoodie,so summer dress that edgy...
Little Miss Sunshine
Come on,,,answer dry season with positif spirit!! Dress- a print sweet or cutting dekonstruktif with pure hue certain we appear more spirit.Additon your big smile and....viola!! Have fun in the sun!! GO

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