Cut Salary caused of Pornography

Japan,A Employee have to avouch consekuensi of action to last a mounth out.A Employee have to cut salary and down position becaused of situs porno.
A Employee 57 year old to be true acces situs pornography during 9 mounth of computer office work him.The first him action inappreciable because location work separaate of his partner's,to limited time his computer infected available virus from his surfing Internet.

Then,survei by teknition to be true if his acces situs pornography in amount "not play-play"woaw....him already acces as many 780 thousand situs during 9 mounth,him acces at least one day's 10 thousand situs pornography.
But,pity's this record becoming him have to cut salary and to down position.Him have to cut salary until US $190 monthly.(source:ITNews.com)

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